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I am afraid of how I feel. I can tell that I am being ignored. I can tell that it’s all lies. What are you trying to hide from me?

What did I do for you to act this way toward me?

Just, why?

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Here. Everything is ok here. There is no need to be afraid for me. No need for the calls asking if I am alright. I have a mother for that, and she never acted like that anyway.
I don’t know what gave you the idea that I had no bed to sleep in. Or that there were numerous people in the house. I don’t know what made you think that something was terribly wrong…
But everything is fine, and thinking otherwise is pissing me off.

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Don’t leave a bottle of shampoo in the car for 9 hours in 90+ degree weather, come home to shower and use said bottle…
I gets really runny (more so then usual!) and Burns!

I was in for a little shock…
Lesson learned.

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I have a nack for making people upset with me.

A very simple talent that come so so easy to me.
I can do it to just about anyone, at anytime, anywhere.

Yeah that’s just me.

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Fuck. fuck. fuck.

fuck you. I hope that something TERRIBLE happens in you life. everything thing gets fucking handed to you. You dont even have to lift a finger.

and you get everything you ever wanted.

Well fuck you. you fucking shit.
I’m so pissed right now, I cant think straight.