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I just want to politely say, Fuck you.

First let me tell you why: You cannot just assume that if someone decides to get into a long distance relationship that they are going to cheat on the other party.
You cannot tell someone to make sure that I do not get into a long distance relationship because I will cheat on him.
For you information, when I was in my last long distance relationship, I did nothing to make people think that I was cheating on him. I did not start talking, seeing, or doing anything with a member of the opposite sex until we were completely over with.
Unlike you. And he only lived five minutes away.

Second: I am a fucking grown up. I do not live with my parents anymore, so I do not need someone trying to take their place. I can make my own choices. I can take care of myself. And I know for a fact that you are just saying these things to people to start things. I know good and well you are not saying these things because you care.

So mind your own fucking business. Get the fuck out of my life. I do not want you a part of it, because you clearly made it that way before, so stop trying to butt back in.
Fuck you, you skank ass whore.

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